Frequently Asked Questions – Pictures of Gwen

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this?

It’s a game with unique art and a rich story… a story you’re in!

You, along with the community of other players, will play a vital role helping the protagonist and her friends.

Explore an urban fantasy world, interact with a colourful cast of characters and have a direct influence on the narrative!

How do I play?

Your entry point into the game is Gwen’s Instagram account

Pay careful attention to her posts and you will soon find the magical world of Torstow opening up before you…

Need a hint? Don’t know what to do next? Join our online community who will gladly help you with your exploration.

What do I need to play?

All that is required is an internet connection. As much of the gameplay will take place across social media, you will need to have your own personal accounts to view and engage with relevant platforms.

Do I need to purchase the packages in order to play?

No. Pictures of Gwen is free to enjoy – the monthly packages will offer a ‘first look’ and delve deeper into Gwen’s world but the core experience will be accessible to all, free of charge.

Is this a time based ‘escape’ game?

While Pictures of Gwen features puzzles and takes place in real time, you can, and should, play at your own pace. We encourage you to spend time exploring our carefully crafted world.

How many players is this for?

Although many will enjoy playing Pictures of Gwen solo, it is our opinion that for the best experience you should join our welcoming online community and play in collaboration with other players and friends.

Will this experience require me to be contacted directly (ie by phone/email)?

We are an “opt in” experience meaning you will only be contacted upon initiating contact on a given platform (i.e. providing a phone-number to an in-game organisation, or following an in world character)

If you are contacted by anyone in a way that seems unexpected to you you should assume it is not part of our experience.

What do I do if I have a problem?

To avoid misunderstandings the safe word “SAFEWORD” is to be used to indicate any urgent real-world information. If at any point you have any concerns, issues or queries you can contact the team directly at

What age is this suitable for ?

In order to comply with terms of service across the multiple platforms we will use within this experience, players should be 18 or above.