Pre-Order – Pictures of Gwen


Pictures of Gwen: Episode 2

PRE ORDER (Estimated Late June 2021)

Gwen’s adventures in Torstow continue in Pictures of Gwen: Episode 2, a mysterious and delighting package featuring: 

  • Issue 2 of Gwen’s zine Letter To My Younger Self
  • more watercolour prints from our acclaimed art director Luke Oram
  • June/Cancer’s tarot set, another three high-quality foiled cards to add to your collection and foretell Gwen’s path for Cancer season
  • And a host of surprises from Gwen’s world…

Missed out on the May/Gemini tarot cards included in Episode 1?

Add them to your order here! 

An exquisite set of three collectable tarot cards (7cm x 12cm) featuring luxurious gold and rose-gold metallic foil on extra-heavy ebony card (540 gsm). 

Cards included in Gemini set:

0 – The Fool

XIV – Temperance

X – Wheel of Fortune