Pictures of Gwen – An immersive, magical realist experience playable from home

Pictures of Gwen is an adventure through an enchanting West Country city, Torstow, alongside young artist Gwen and the strange friends she meets along the way. It is a magical realist narrative delivered as an online immersive experience and Alternate Reality Game (ARG).

In the not-quite-shadow of a cyclopean tower that can only be seen through the corner of the eye, Gwen travels on the ley lines where mythology, art and modernity meet. As she journeys Gwen will depict her findings on Instagram, drawing her audience into a labyrinth of mystery and intrigue.

How it Plays Out

Pictures of Gwen will play out on social media accounts and a network of in-world websites, each presenting storylines, characters, mysteries and puzzles to be investigated. The history, identity and modern reality of Torstow will be explored through its art, architecture and its inhabitants; strange and wonderful as they may be.

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A supplementary package of tangible content will round out the experience for dedicated fans, featuring prints of the fine art watercolour paintings from Gwen’s Instagram, collectible tarot cards designed by Rogue Beacon artist Luke Oram in the Rider-Waite tradition, and a zine full of poetry, reviews and thoughts from Gwen herself.

As Pictures of Gwen advances the audience will be able to interact in innovative ways, with audience-created art and music appearing in-world. Audience-character interactions will deepen as a bright and varied cast of characters are introduced, each of whom understands their own little piece of the world of Torstow.

Pictures of Gwen is a Rogue Beacon production. Rogue Beacon is made up of the minds behind some of the UK’s most memorable immersive experiences, including The Legitimate Peaky Blinders Festival. Most celebrated for their work on the immersive theatrics at Boomtown Fair and their groundbreaking online adventure Escape! 404, Rogue Beacon are keen to bring their unique storytelling style and deep experience pool to new audiences

Mysteries and puzzles await Gwen’s audience as anything is possible in a city like Torstow. Pictures of Gwen is a delighting experience of art, culture and folklore crafted with love and attention to every detail.